La zuppetta di cozze e vongole
Mussels and hen clam with piquant tomato sauce
Insalata di polpo con patate
Salad of octopus and potatos
Il carpaccio di mare
Two slices of: octopus, sword-fish and salmon
L'insalata di mare
salad of sea: mussels-octopus-hen clam-cuttle-fish
Misto Terra e Mare (min. 2 pers.)
Ham, salame, salted meat with fennel, pieces of toast, vegetables salad of sea, mussel and hen clam with tart tomato sauce

Main courses

Penne scampi e porcini
Short pasta with scampi and mushroom "porcino"
Gnocchi di mare
Gnocchi with fish's sauce
Farfalle al salmone
short pasta with salmon
Penne all'astice
Short pasta with salmon
Spaghetti allo scoglio
Long pasta with clams,mussels and shrimp
Risotto del pescatore
Rice with mixed fish


Frittura di mare
Fried of shrimp and cuttle-fish
Bistecca di mare
Slice of sword-fish on grill
Scampi e gamberi in guazzetto
Nephrop and shrimps with special sauce
Branzino al cartoccio
Bass fish in paper-bag
Salmone al sale marino
Bass fish in paper-bag
Orata alla griglia
Grilled sea bream
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