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Restaurant Pizzeria I'Ciampa has a culinary tradition proudly passed down for three generations.

It all started one morning when grandfather Renato chose a small local vacancy in Castelfiorentino in a locality called "bucine", that he named “La Magona”. It was the year 1957 when the grandfather Renato's dream came true, and founded with grandmother Rosa and their children Roberto and Renzo the restaurant “La Magona”.

These are the origins of the Ciampalini’s family and their art of catering, which is then passed down from father to son.

Today, restaurant and pizzeria I’Ciampa is managed with the same passion of 50 years ago and by the two brothers Filippo and Renato (Roberto’s sons), in the name of the Ciampalini’s family and the Tuscan traditions.

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  • Monday12.00-14.30/18.00/23.00
  • Tuesday12.00-14.30/18.00/23.00
  • Wednesday12.00-14.30/18.00/23.00
  • Thursday12.00-14.30/18.00/23.00
  • Friday12.00-14.30/18.00/23.00
  • Saturday12.00-14.30/18.00/23.00
  • Sunday12.00-14.30/18.00-23.00